Oh Nepal. How I miss….

… holy cows on the streets.
… crazy chaotic traffic.
… trying to explain how I do have a baby without being married (no husband? boyfriend? husband AND boyfriend?).
… trying to explain where we live (in our house. with who? with my boyfriend and daughter. but with who? with my boyfriend, daughter and cat. His parents? no. your parents? no. but where do you live? ehhhhh.)
… trying to explain how my daughter will survive without me near her (but no milk from mother?).
… humongous stupas.
… being surrounded by the incredible breathtaking Himalayas aka the Top of the World (yes I admit I had to cry a little from happiness when I was flying from Pokhara to Kathmandu and could stare at these snowy peaks for 30 minutes).
… holy bells, bells and more bells.
… dal bhat every day.
… hilarious covered pop songs (the taxi driver was convinced ‘the Final Countdown’ is an original Nepali production).
… 200 times ‘namaste!’ per day from all these friendly, smiley Nepali people.
… red dots on the forehead.
… feeling sooooo foreign by looking like the odd one out for 17 days.
… snakes (when they’re far enough away).
… giant spiders (when they’re far far far enough away).
… leopards/tigers/cheetahs/etc (when they’re far far far far far far enough away).
… incense everywhere you go.
… being the only foreigner around (due to my looks, I was the only one who had to pay entrance at the stupa, themples and other cultural landmarks)
… unprofessional security checks at airports (when checking my hips: what’s that here, miss? uhhh, my bone?).
… cute monks.
… crazy monkeys.
… the funny sathoes.
… gorgeous green valleys.
… (unannounced/unprotected) craters in the roads.
… happy, colorful prayer flags.
… babies without diapers.
… walking/hiking/climbing to school for hours with the most stunning views and passing by lovely villages with even lovelier people greeting us.

Nepal, you have stolen my heart and are leaving me with nothing but happy memories and an everlasting smile. Hope to see you again someday!






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